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Community Service

One of our ongoing service projects involves keeping our neighborhood neat, clean, and trash free.  The entrance to Eastview Drive borders a highway and has been very littered. My oldest student, Ben Essex, has made the effort to pick up this area.  Here he is pictured with the trash he collected one afternoon.  Over the last year he found six large plastic broken sewer pipes, several old rusted mailboxes, a clothes dryer door, as well as assorted bottles, cans, and paper litter.  We would like to thank Ben for helping to keep the Eastview Drive entrance picked up and looking great for our school and other residents of Eastview Drive. 



We are very grateful for our volunteers.  Brooklyn Luttrell has faithfully worked all year to enter the grades into the grade book, making copies, and other office tasks. We are grateful for the hard work of so many volunteers who have done so much to help the students of Westview Christian School to succeed.    

Academic Achievement

Our students begin by learning the phonograms and gaining reading reading skills.  Then they study using School of Tomorrow curriculum by working in PACEs. Using the pretests that are a part of the school of Tomorrow curriculum, each student is assigned work on an individual study plan tailored to their specific academic needs. Because each student works on different material, students are assigned to work in individual study cubicles, where they can concentrate on their work and not bother other students. Here Marcy Essex is receiving some help with her work in her cubicle.

Three-thirds Bible Studies

I often host a three-thirds Bible Study in my home. Using this method, we read a passage of Scripture, comment about what we like and find difficult about it. Then we reread it and note what it says about God and about people.  Then we pray and ask God to guide us in the way that we should obey Him based on the passage that we studied.  We also pray about with whom we can share the passage and about whom we can train in these methods.  The next week we begin the study with each member reporting to the group the results of their obeying the passage.  So there are three parts to this study.  First we review our obedience of the previous week, study, and plan our obedience for the next week.       


Upcoming Events


May 31, 2018

Last day of school for the 2017-2018 school year.

June 24-30, 2018

Mrs. Marsh goes to Taiwan for a short term missions trip.

July 5-August 20, 2018

Private tutoring and vision therapy by appointment only.

Until July 5, 2018


We are now enrolling for summer tutoring and vision therapy sessions.

Until Aug. 20, 2018


We are now enrolling students for the 2018-2019 school year.

August 22,2018


The fall term for the 2018-2019 School year begins.

Fall Break

This will be announced later

Christmas Break


This will be announced later.

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