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Planned Giving ​

While teaching and mentoring do require time, prayer, and funds to continue, I would not be able to do any of this without your partnering with us.  I would be honored to have you prayerfully consider a monthly financial commitment to partner with me. Thank you in advance for your response. These funds go to the general fund to be used where they are most needed unless otherwise designated.

Scholarship Fund​

Due to the recent death of a donor, we are urgently in need of a scholarship for one of our students.  Also another student is struggling financially and needs financial assistance. Often students with the greatest needs that can benefit from our program also need financial assistance.  Your gifts to this fund change lives spiritually as well as academically. Thank you for partnering with us to change lives.

Special Project - The Taiwan Missions Trip

June 22-July 2, 2018, I will be traveling to Taiwan with a group from Briar Ridge Christian Church where I am a member here in Kentucky.  We will be visiting the Chris and Samantha Sanford  family and staying at their orphanage the Home of God's Love.  They work with other missionaries in their area to put on an English camp every year.  I am looking forward to seeing the way that they are teaching English as a second language in order to adapt and extend my phonics based reading program for use with those learning English as a second language.   

Refund Policy:
All donations are final.


Deborah Marsh

P. O. Box 1035

Taylorsville, KY 40071                      502-354-0030 Phone

219-964-7688 Cell

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