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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Westview Christian School is designed to help the struggling student succeed.  

To ensure success, we teach a phonogram based phonics system that has been proven to produce excellent readers. I have never found anyone yet of normal intelligence that I could not teach to read and write.


Once students are able to read well, they begin using School of Tomorrow curriculum.  Based on their pretests, students are able to work at the best academic level for  them.  Some are working above their grade level.


In order to help students retain information that they have learned, we offer vision exercises from the Learning Connection in Colorado. These exercises help to increase attention span and recall of information resulting in better grades and more efficient learning.


While academic subjects are important to success in life, nothing is more important than coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  We begin the school day with a devotion and prayer.  Then each student who is able to read and do PACE work in the School of Tomorrow curriculum also has a Bible Class.    

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